Three Little Pandas, One Big Dream

The Uncool Dad writes about his Missus’ children’s lifestyle brand and their joint effort to raise funds for the charity Mabuhay Foundation UK.

Behind every good man is a great woman. Behind this arsehole is a queen. Here’s a bit about her children’s lifestyle brand and doing some good to make a difference to the lives of some people in need in the Philippines.

For a long time, the Missus had dreamed of owning and running her own children’s clothing line and after a difficult pregnancy (I’ll share the story another time), she had a new found appreciation of the importance of time. It was around then that she would kick her inhibitions in the sack and knuckle down to start feeding coal into the dream engine.

Almost a year ago, the Missus and I were sat with the three kids and we asked the elder two “what animal would best represent our youngest?”. They replied “He’s small, cute and chubby.. A Panda!”. However, it would only be fair name the brand after the three of them and thus Three Little Pandas was born. (I also like to think that the pandas represent unity as they’re black, white and Asian lol). With the children’s future and the world in which they live in mind, it was decided that organic, fair trade materials would be used for “TLP” products. It’s a small commitment, we’re not tree huggers or anything like that but it’s a value that we teach the children – to consider the environment that they and their children will be living in.

Three Little Pandas would eventually expand to stock children’s lifestyle products ranging from Moccis, baby blankets, canvases to even coconut oil, all either organic, ethically made, or both!

“Princess Panda” Canvas by Careaux for Three Little Pandas
This May, Three Little Pandas turns one.. time flies! Naturally, the first thought was to get everyone who played a part in TLP’s successes together to celebrate not just the brand surviving its first year but also to celebrate the awesome relationships that we’d formed during that time. However, after some reflection on the past year, we figured that it would also be a great opportunity to give back to our roots. Grandma Panda (Mama Panda’s side) co-runs Mabuhay Foundation UK – a non-profit, voluntary charity organisation that helps those in need in The Philippines, the country of our heritage. I could write a whole post about the charity but for lack of time I’ll just explain that in aid of “MFUK”, Three Little Pandas have decided to organise a charity fundraiser raffle to support the continued work that they carry out. We have had an amazing response from prize donors (if any of you are reading this, again – thank you so much!!!) (and if you reading this hasn’t bought a raffle ticket already, please get on it.. we need your help!).

Follow this link to the Three Little Pandas for Mabuhay Foundation UK charity fundraiser raffle. Read our story and make sure to purchase a ticket! And don’t forget to share the crap out of the raffle page!

Not long ago, shortly after we began working on the fundraiser, I started to comb through Netflix to find something to put on in the background whilst we worked away on the brand and the fundraiser. Eventually, I came across a humble looking cover entitled “The Kindness Diaries“. As much of a paradox as it may seem, I absolutely love watching happiness envoking, inspirational, emotionally connective documentaries despite being a self proclaimed arsehole (sometimes an arsehole, not all the time lol). Anyway, the series is about a kind-hearted fella named Leon who left the life of a broker to follow a more fulfilling calling by giving back to those who gave of themselves. Leon’s journey sees him traveling around the world with nothing but Kindness 1 – his vintage motorbike, and by the kindness of strangers that he meets along the way. Nothing else. That’s a giant leap of faith in humanity!


This series was supposed to be background tv. In the end, Leon’s journey turned out to be a beautifully heart-warming (and heart-breaking), welcomed distraction that made my procrastination all the worth while. Ever more so inspired with the sense of appreciation and the intention of spreading kindness, we both felt even more drive to ensure that this fundraiser is a success so that we can make a difference in the lives of those in need in the Philippines.

It’s not going to be easy, we’re already stressed out, but there’s people who need our help more than we need our sleep.

Do you have a story of starting a brand? Or have you stumbled upon accidental inspiration? Please share! Also, make sure to follow the blog and on Twitter here and on Instagram here!

Again, follow this link to read about the TLP for Mabuhay Foundation UK charity fundraiser raffle. Read our story and make sure you purchase a raffle ticket! And don’t forget to share the crap out of the raffle page!

Catch you soon.


The Uncool Dad

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