The Hills Are Aliiiive.. With The Sound Of The Uncool Dad Complaining

The Uncool Dad and family hit up Northala Fields for some Hill-Fili time

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my older two kids. As you might have guessed, they don’t live with me and due to ‘logistical difficulties’, I haven’t been able to see them much recently. Flanked by the Missus, our youngest little panda and my sister (our pilot for the day), we took them out to IKEA in Wembley for some meatballs (not the best meatballs but the kids love them).

Being an on the fly visit, I hadn’t planned what we were going to do after we had gotten our munch on. My sis recalled all of the times we had driven past Hangar Lane, seen a bunch of tall hills and been like “WTF IS THAT?!”



After an extended journey due to sis not listening to the instructions dished out by Google Maps (love you sis) (please don’t hurt me), we finally arrived at Northala Fields, a nice little park with two cool playgrounds, a couple of small lakes and three fat-off hills.

I’d been thinking a lot about starting a vlog recently but whenever I film myself for that reason, I always feel like a d*ck when I watch it back. Anyway, I started filming randomly on my phone and at the end of it realised that I had enough to throw together for my first vlog. Also, if I sound out of breath, it’s a mixture of being super-unfit combined with having a crapload of phlegm in my chest since we’d arrived back from The Philippines last April!

I’m not sure what direction I want to take the vlog yet so any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome!

Anyway, enjoy!

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