More Dad Stuff

More Dad Stuff: Extra-curricular fun from The Uncool Dad.

There’s more to us dads than just donating sperm and long term child programming. Life as a man doesn’t have to end the moment the bun in the oven finishes baking, and although priorities will always take precedence (the kids, the boss aka the missus), having children shouldn’t mean you sacrifice your interests.

I mean God forbid you become.. BORING?!

Ok, so I’ve toned it down a lot since our youngest was born (Oct’14). I’m more partial to a decent cuppa than a pint now (after all, a decent brew is an art form) but I still love to cook up a sexy culinary dish, love to take a photo here and there, love to mess around with everyday modern tech, love watching movies and TV series’ (with the missus of course), love a run by the Embankment, love kicking arse / getting my arse kicked at Destiny (Xbox One) and love writing blogs for you!

One of my defining interests however is my love for sneakers. Or trainers. Or crepes. Or whatever the cool kids are calling them now. You’ll be hearing about that quite a bit from me.

You can see more about this side of The Uncool Dad on instagram @Millz_Von_Doom

Stay tuned and drop me a message or comment if you share any of the same interests.

Emil – The Uncool Dad

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